Towards active, sustainable digital networks that are resilient and integrated from UHV to distribution

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Papers will be available to download one month in advance of the symposium for registered participants. One month after the symposium, papers can be purchased on the CIGRE online library ( CIGRE Science & Engineering will publish the 5 best papers selected from the symposium. The Technical Committee will produce a summary report of the symposium for publication in Electra.

PS1 – Planning for a future sustainable grid

Global experience and economics of major interconnections

Transmission and distribution grid planning scenarios for de-carbonisation

Managing grid congestion

Planning for electrification of heating, cooling and transport applications and uncertain load shape

Metropolitan network planning methods

Evolving DC network options for different voltage levels

Planning of wide-area protection and automation systems

PS2 – Building a sustainable future and integrating renewable, energy resources

Distributed and dispersed energy solutions, application and integration

Microgrid solutions, application and integration

Designing the grid of the future in a more sustainable environment

Experience with total life cycle asset management across all voltage levels

Impacts of energy resources on protection and automation

Using asset analytics tools to improve asset management

PS3 – Technology solutions for a future sustainable power system

Smarter substation technologies and applications

Distribution substations and new technologies

Smart communications, protection and automation

Cyber-security in the future network

Global experience and prospects for UHV and superconducting cables

Digital substations and the Internet of Things (IOT)

Load control (both direct and indirect), demand management and storage technologies and applications

CigreChengdu2019_Call for Papers_Final Rev 2.pdf

Important Dates

8th January 2019(NEW)

Receipt of synopsis

25th January 2019(NEW)

Notification of acceptance

31th June 2019

Receipt of full paper (Closed)


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