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Non-CHINESE Residents

To obtain a letter for visa purposes, you must first register for the symposium and pay in full. Then please make your request for an invitation letter by email to

General Information for Visa Applicants

Chinese citizens do not need a Chinese visa or passport for travel to City of Chengdu. If you are not a Chinese citizen, you may need a visa for entry into China. For additional information regarding visas and/or passports, please visit the China Embassy in your country.


Do not delay in making VISA arrangements for entry into China if needed. Such arrangements are the responsibility of attendees and participants and may take several weeks.

How To Obtain a Visa

Complete information on how to apply for a VISA to enter China can be found on the China Embassy website on visas.

Helpful Links

China Visas Website

Important Dates

8th January 2019(NEW)

Receipt of synopsis

25th January 2019(NEW)

Notification of acceptance

30th June 2019

Receipt of full paper

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