Towards active, sustainable digital networks that are resilient and integrated from UHV to distribution


Time: 08:00-12:00, Sunday, September 22

Assembly & Return Site: Lobby of CYNN Hotel

Please note that, due to time limit, delegate could only choose one site to visit.

Zipingpu Hydropower Station

Located at the upper reach of Min River in Northwest Chengdu, Sichuan Province, (9km away from Dujiangyan City), Zipingpu Hydropower Station is a large hydraulic project primarily for irrigation and water supply with a combination of power generation, flood prevention and sightseeing functions. It has an installed capacity of 760MW, an annual power generation of 3.417TWh and an annual utilization hours of 4496h.

500kV Tanjiawan Substation

500kV Tanjiawan Substation, with an area of about 7.3 hectares, is located in Luojiang County, about 22km away from Deyang City to the south. Put into operation in March, 2010, this substation enables Sichuan Grid to interconnect with Northwest Grid and achieve the supplement between hydropower and thermal power. Meanwhile, it marks the end of power supply rations of Deyang in the dry season for 9 consecutive years.

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8th January 2019(NEW)

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31th June 2019

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