Towards active, sustainable digital networks that are resilient and integrated from UHV to distribution

An Invitation to CIGRE Chengdu 2019 Symposium

The CIGRE Chengdu 2019 Symposium will be held in Chengdu, China on 20-26 September 2019, which is a significant forum for recent research findings and operational experiences related to sustainable, active and digital development of power systems (from UHV to distribution). On behalf of the CIGRE Chinese National Committee, I sincerely invite your presence at this central gathering of power professionals.

CIGRE is the most influential international academic organization in the field of power system. In odd-numbered years, all 16 study committees of CIGRE will hold technical symposiums around the world. Upon the application of CIGRE Chinese National Committee, 6 study committees will jointly hold international symposium in Chengdu, China for the first time. Participants, mainly industrial experts and paper authors, could observe the power technology development of China and will share insights and experience in different ways such as keynote speeches, panels, SC meetings, work groups and technical visit.

The CIGRE Chengdu 2019 Symposium will provide a platform of exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge among over 500 experts, scholars and engineers from home and abroad, who are engaged in power supply technology and management. We will discuss the current hot issues in power industry and energy domain, such as new challenges and new trends brought to the urban grid planning and development by renewable energy, distributed generation, etc. The conference will also promote a further communication and mutual understanding among the domestic and foreign power utilities and equipment manufacturers, sharing the development and progress induced by new theory and advanced technologies.

The CIGRE Chengdu 2019 Symposium will be held in Chengdu, China. Chengdu is one of the most famous historical and cultural cites of China, also known as the “Land of Abundance” and said to be “a city that you will never want to leave once you come”. We are looking forward to meeting you in Chengdu in the golden autumn of 2019.

Mr. Zheng Baosen

Vice Chairman of CIGRE Chinese National Committee

President of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering

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8th January 2019(NEW)

Receipt of synopsis

25th January 2019(NEW)

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31th June 2019

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